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Linley Gertrude Ellson and ?

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1922 & 1924

These postcards were found loose in an album Mary Shaw inherited from her cousin Elsie Ross. My guess is that they were Mary’s postcards and put much later into that album for safekeeping. This seemed to be more likely as I uncovered connections between the Shaws and the subject of the 1924 card on the right.

Looking at the 1924 electoral roll, we find Linley living with her parents at 193 Hotham Street not far from Mary’s family at Mayfield Street. Going back to 1903 the family is at 12 The Avenue opposite the Shaws’ Old Hiawatha. The link becomes even stronger. Linley’s mother was originally Edith Lucy Farr and in 1888 her brothers Arthur and Leigh purchased at least four parcels of land from John Gourlay’s subdivision of The Avenue one of which included Old Hiawatha and what was left of its grounds.


Linley Ellson



There may be more to the Ellson-Shaw connection. Linley’s father travelled to Perth and the Bunbury area in the 1880s and 1890s. Maybe this had some connection with the Shaws’ exodus there in the mid-1890s?

The 1922 photograph was produced by T. Humphrey and Co. (written below the portrait). According to “The Mechanical Eye” which documents Australian photographers until 1900 this studio operated at 262 Collins Street, Melbourne and a quick web search suggests that they were there at least until 1910.

The 1924 photograph was produced by The Allan Studio of Smith Street, Collingwood a business that seems to have operated in that street from about 1888 until the mid to late 1900s at least.




The Rest of Lavinia’s Red Album

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Lavinia’s Red Album

This post is really just tidying up loose ends. I started this blog to share the photographs and identify the subjects in a set of Shaw family albums. Lavinia Shaw’s red album was my starting point. The photos in it include portraits from the 1860s and 1870s, groups from the 1880s, and some commercial prints from about the same time. The last few pages of the album are filled with newspaper cuttings and so as to give the feel of the complete album I’ve added some of them here.


Above is just one of about a dozen pages of newspaper cuttings. Lavinia seemed drawn especially to photographs of Victoria, Yorkshire and the royals. Romantic scenes are by far the most common but in the bottom right corner a touch of the “modern” creeps in with the traffic. Plenty of clues but still not sure where it was taken.

Single Cutting – 1920s?

What was it about this picture?

Single Cutting – 1930s?

And to finish this album …..

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