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Bought Ones (Scotland)

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The last of the commercial prints or postcards in Lavinia‘s album are these four of scenes around Edinburgh. Olive Shaw in 1962 said that Lavinia’s father had a trip overseas probably to Scotland in about 1891 or 1892 “with wife, Eileen and Olive plus Effie, Eva and nurse” and another with youngest daughter Ailsa in about 1897 but it is unclear whether Lavinia accompanied them on either. Whatever the case, these postcards are likely from one of those trips.

The initials “J.V.” on three of the prints indicate that they were by the studio of James Valentine, one of the most prolific commercial photographers operating in Scotland at that time. The other with initials “G.W.W” would be from the studio of his largest competitor, George Washington Wilson (no relation to Margaret as far as I can determine).


The Chancel, Rosslyn Chapel

The Chancel, Rosslyn Chapel

James Valentine studio (1880s?)


Melrose Abbey

Melrose Abbey

James Valentine studio (1880s?)


Dryburgh Abbey

Dryburgh Abbey

James Valentine studio (1880s?)


“Linlithgow Palace”

Linlithgow Palace

George Washington Wilson studio (1880s?)


“Old Hiawatha” again.

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More from Lavinia Shaw‘s album showing some different aspects of ““Old Hiawatha”” from c1884.

“Garden from the Balcony”

“Garden from the Balcony”

A view west from the front balcony. The fountain can be seen to the right and between the trees on the left is probably the house on the other side of William Street shown on block 14 of the 1873 Vardy plan. The house has long since gone and that part of the block now hosts a children’s playground next to the Grosvenor St railway bridge. Looking closely at the photo, behind the house the railway embankment with some houses behind can just be made out.

In the garden are five women and Alfred Henry Shaw on th efar right. The women standing to the left of the seat looks like Margaret Shaw.



“The Drive Hiawatha”

A so far unidentified woman,, Arthur, Effie and Eva in the driveway with the house behind. As far as I can work out the driveway ran north west from the house and around the fountain garden to William Street.


“Lovers Walk”

“Lovers Walk Hiawatha”

From the left Lavinia, Effie and Eva. Is this the path on the left of the front balcony shot above?




A view from the northern side verandah looking over the orchard gate which framed a number of group shots from previous posts. The back corner of the paddock is probably the corner of Vardy Plan blocks 22, 23 and 29 and I’m guessing the two storey building just visible behind that corner is the now demolished “Kilwinning” formerly at 1 Balaclava Rd (block 25 on the Vardy Plan). This was the home of James Service, premier of Victoria 1880 and 1883-1886.

If you look closely you can see a girl out amongst the cows – not sure which one.


“The Cows”

“The Cows”

I’m not sure where this is but Lavinia refers to “The Cows” which suggests somewhere in the paddock to the rear of the house although the trees and fence don’t look much like those in the paddock scene from the verandah.


“Arthur and the Cows”

“Arthur and the Cows”

Arthur with a different breed of cow to those in the last photo. Are these the outbuildings behind the house in the MMBW plan?




A few more of “Old Hiawatha”

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This group of photos are from Lavinia Shaw‘s album. The first four are smallish paper prints glued onto a single page of the album taken around ““Old Hiawatha”” in Balaclava.

“View at Hiawatha from the garden”


This was probably taken around 1884 and although no definite identification can be made it is probably Effie and Eva on the path with Lavinia and Amelia looking on from the balcony at the front of the house.


“Old Stone Seat”


Probably somewhere in the garden at the front of the house.


“Group at the Fountain”

A similar photo also in Lavinia’s album and possibly taken the same day. This is a small print (about 2″ x 2″) and quite likely has been cut from a larger print in horizontal format – maybe a reject from the day’s shooting?

Or on second thoughts maybe not. If that is Eva standing on the left she looks a bit younger than in the 1884, maybe 11 or 12? That would date the photo to about 1883. The other women may then be Rebecca Thomas, 16, her mother Sarah Thomas (nee Heywood), 51, Lavinia, 21, (?), Elinor Thomas, 14, and Effie, 15. In the front are Ernest, 18, and Arthur, 24. At the back in the bowler hat it may be Hugh Thomas, 18, who in the 1880s was apprenticed as a tinsmith to the Shaw family business.


“Capua Villa”


In about 1884 the larger two story Hiawatha was built over or near this pre-1869 villa. I’ve dated it to about 1879 assuming the boy is Herbert Shaw who looks about 10.


Capua Villa


Another shot of the “Capua Villa” probably taken a few years later. We can’t be sure but the group on the verandah may be Alfred (junior), Arthur, Lavinia, Amelia and Effie. It was was found loose in Elsie Ross’ album but was most likely put there more recently by Mary Shaw.


“Old Hiawatha and Fountain”


Another from Lavinia’s album. This could be from around the time of Amelia’s wedding in 1887. Alfred Shaw is seated at the left with Lavinia seated between two unidentified women. In the background it looks like Margaret Shaw (nee Wilson) in the middle. The house can be seen between the trees and the fountain is probably the one found during excavations at the rear of what is now 3 The Avenue (note that an advertisement for the property from 1869 mentioned two fountains).

Amelia’s Wedding

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These two photos are from Lavinia Shaw‘s album. Both seem to have been taken on the day of her sister, Amelia‘s wedding. The wedding was held on the 25th April 1887 at her father’s home, “Old Hiawatha“. Both groups are posed around the left hand end of the verandah on the north west corner of the house. Lavinia’s caption for both photos is “Wedding Group”. Much later Mary Shaw added names for some of the subjects.


“Wedding Group”

With Mary’s identifications in quotes, standing from the left are “Lavinia”, “Herbert”, one of the Thomas cousins(?), “Amelia Shaw & John Moore” and “Alfred Shaw”. Seated again from the left are “Eva”, “Arthur”(?), Margaret Shaw (nee Wilson), “Effie” and “Alfred (junior)”(?).

Mary didn’t identify Alfred’s second wife Margaret and for some reason she appears blurred or turned away whenever she appears in photos in the albums. I do have one clear portrait of her probably taken a little later so considering it and the dates and her placement in the album photos I don’t think there’s much doubt it is her.

I still have some doubts about Mary’s Identifications of the three older Shaw sons. To me the boy on the right looks like Ernest.


“Wedding Group”

Across the back are John Moore’s father, William Moore, 2 unknown women (although the woman on the left may appear in an earlier 1884 photo), Lavinia, Margaret Shaw, Alfred Henry Shaw, John Clarke (husband of Mary Jakeman Clarke (nee Heywood), Effie Shaw and Amelia. At the front a Thomas cousin, Eva, Arthur(?), two women (is that the other Thomas cousin on the right?), Herbert and Ernest.

There is a possible identification for one of the “unknown women”. William Moore was a Baptist minister and would have travelled from Brisbane for the wedding. a long and ardous journey in 1887. I have a 1903 photo of his wife, Margaret, who would have been about 64 at the time and it is pretty certain that she does not appear here. William and Margaret had one daughter, Elizabeth, who would have been about 25. Could this be her at with the hat (and very pinched waist) at the rear.

The women’s clothes are a clue too. Amelia, Effie and Eva are in bridal white but most of the other women are in what look like very sumptuous satin dresses with strips of velvet at cuff and lapel. Only two vary from this, the possible Moore daughter and the woman in white and black at the front. The latter rests her hand on Margaret Shaw’s lap and seems slightly distracted. Margaret had only been in Australia for six months so who other than close family would be this familiar? Her sister’s Hannah family had no girls of this age so is this the other Thomas girl? She doesn’t appear with her sister in the other wedding group so maybe she was unwell? This may explain why she is dressed so differently to to her sister. I did consider that the other seated girl might be the other Thomas sister but even though the dress conforms her features don’t seem to fit with the earlier photos.

Rebecca Thomas married a year later and lived on until 1959. Her younger sister Elinor never married and died in 1927. I’m guessing that it’s Rebecca on the left and Elinor with Margaret.

J W Lindt Groups

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These photos were found in an album given by Herbert Shaw and Caroline Shaw in 1902 to Caroline’s sister Annie Bertha Hale. Annie Bertha died two years later and the album went back to the Shaw family and sometime later a number of early photos of ““Old Hiawatha”” found their way into its pages. These four are on cabinet cards produced by J. W. Lindt’s studio. As with a group in an earlier post the first three here are likely from late 1884.


Old Hiawatha

“Old Hiawatha” from the west probably late afternoon September 1884 soon after the death of Hannah Shaw, possibly even on the day of her funeral. The photo immediately below was taken on a second front lawn to the left and behind the camera position of this photo. The orchard gate, location of the third photo, can be seen to the left of the house.

Alfred Henry Shaw is sitting on the window sill with a small child on his knee. Eva is sitting on the edge of the veranda. I’ve not been able to identify the four adults and there is no child I can find around this age in the extended family at that time.


Fountain Group

The fountain was in front of the house in what is now the rear of 3 The Avenue. L-R are Lavinia Shaw, (Elinor Thomas?), Alfred Shaw (jnr), Amelia Shaw, Effie Shaw, (Rebecca Thomas?), Ernest Shaw and Eva Shaw.

“Orchard Gate”

The same group at the orchard gate.

“Entrance to the Orchard”

Another version of “Orchard Gate” photo, this time the paper is glued directly into Lavinia’s album.

“The Yacht Almora”

The caption comes from a copy of this photo in Lavinia’s album. I’m not sure, but after the boat’s name on the stern it looks like “St. Kilda” which would fit with the location of Hiawatha. Maybe that’s St Kilda baths on the left and the Elwood foreshore to the right.

“The Yacht Almora off St Kilda”

I should have looked a bit further into the album. A few pages on I found this with Lavinia’s caption confirming it is St. Kilda. A closer look reveals a very uncertain Alfred Shaw in bowler hat being taken for a sail by what looks like two of his sons. It shouldn’t be too hard to identify the buildings along the foreshore but maybe that’s a task for later.

J W Lindt Portraits

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These two are part of a set of portraits of most of the children created by Joseph William Lindt who operated at 7 Collins Street between 1876 and 1888. Considering the apparent ages and the Lindt studio’s involvement in the group portraits of 1884 we could tentatively date these to the same year.

These portraits also seem to sort out the confusion in differentiating Eva and Effie mentioned in a previous post.









“Lawn Above the Fountain”

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This is a detail from a photograph in Lavinia’s album. It was taken on the front lawn of the family home, “Old Hiawatha” in Balaclava and it can be dated to 1884 using the children’s apparent ages and the black armbands signifying the recent death of their mother in August of that year (and possibly that of their grandmother who died shortly after in October).

Mary Shaw has added to Lavinia’s caption, “Lawn Above the Fountain”. Mary noted the armbands and attempted to identify the subjects. It is definitely Alfred Shaw Senior on the grass in pith helmet and Eva Shaw at the right hand end of the bench seat. I’m less certain about it being Alfred Junior with the dog – maybe Ernest? And the girl in the swing is likely be one of the Thomas cousins, not Charlotte Alice Harvey wife to be of Alfred Junior. So, the others from the left – Herbert standing, unknown girl, Effie, the other Thomas cousin, (Eva), (Thomas cousin), possibly Mrs Sarah Thomas (nee Heywood) and an unknown man (Sarah’s husband, Hugh Thomas had died in 1881).

It is possible that the man at the right is Alfred Shaw (junior). He would have been 26 at the time and probably already heavily involved in his father’s business and soon to become successful in his own right. There are no photos with all three sons together and the more I look the more I think that Mary has incorrectly identified both Arthur and Ernest as Alfred in various group photos.

This print is glued directly onto the album page but there are similar family prints from the same time identified as by J. W. Lindt.

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