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These photos were found in an album given by Herbert Shaw and Caroline Shaw in 1902 to Caroline’s sister Annie Bertha Hale. Annie Bertha died two years later and the album went back to the Shaw family and sometime later a number of early photos of ““Old Hiawatha”” found their way into its pages. These four are on cabinet cards produced by J. W. Lindt’s studio. As with a group in an earlier post the first three here are likely from late 1884.


Old Hiawatha

“Old Hiawatha” from the west probably late afternoon September 1884 soon after the death of Hannah Shaw, possibly even on the day of her funeral. The photo immediately below was taken on a second front lawn to the left and behind the camera position of this photo. The orchard gate, location of the third photo, can be seen to the left of the house.

Alfred Henry Shaw is sitting on the window sill with a small child on his knee. Eva is sitting on the edge of the veranda. I’ve not been able to identify the four adults and there is no child I can find around this age in the extended family at that time.


Fountain Group

The fountain was in front of the house in what is now the rear of 3 The Avenue. L-R are Lavinia Shaw, (Elinor Thomas?), Alfred Shaw (jnr), Amelia Shaw, Effie Shaw, (Rebecca Thomas?), Ernest Shaw and Eva Shaw.

“Orchard Gate”

The same group at the orchard gate.

“Entrance to the Orchard”

Another version of “Orchard Gate” photo, this time the paper is glued directly into Lavinia’s album.

“The Yacht Almora”

The caption comes from a copy of this photo in Lavinia’s album. I’m not sure, but after the boat’s name on the stern it looks like “St. Kilda” which would fit with the location of Hiawatha. Maybe that’s St Kilda baths on the left and the Elwood foreshore to the right.

“The Yacht Almora off St Kilda”

I should have looked a bit further into the album. A few pages on I found this with Lavinia’s caption confirming it is St. Kilda. A closer look reveals a very uncertain Alfred Shaw in bowler hat being taken for a sail by what looks like two of his sons. It shouldn’t be too hard to identify the buildings along the foreshore but maybe that’s a task for later.

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