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Hannah Shaw




This photo of Hannah Shaw (nee Heywood) is from an album originally owned by Lavinia Shaw.  “Mrs Hannah Shaw nee Heywood  ?1880” was added by her niece Mary Shaw.  “Mother” in what looks like Lavinia’s hand appears on the back.

Davies and Stanbury in “The Mechanical Eye” have Thomas Bertenshaw operating from Gertrude Street, Fitzroy from 1859 to 1866 and to my eye this would fit better than 1880 with the style of the photo and Hannah’s age.

The State Library of Victoria has a Bertenshaw portrait showing what looks like the same curtain.





This second copy of the same photo seems to answer a question raised in the previous post on Dinah Heywood.

There seems little doubt that the Bertenshaw version was created in the early 1860s so we have here a second copy glued to an Elliott card from the 1880s.

Hannah and Dinah both died within weeks of each other in 1884. Did the family have multiple copies of earlier photos of the two women printed by F. E. Elliott which were then attached to his own cards? It sounds likely but still leaves a small question around the “Mrs Tucker” caption.



I have seen two other photos of Hannah. I was sent a digital copy of the photo on the left but am unsure of its origin. It looks like it may pre-date the one above – maybe the 1850s?

On the right is a scan from a glass plate from the estate of Mary Shaw.  It appears to be of Alfred Shaw and family taken in the mid 1860s. I’m a little uncertain but I’ve tentatively identified Hannah standing beside her husband with their children Alfred, Amelia, Lavinia and Arthur, and a seated nurse.


Shaw Family


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